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Outsiders Not Welcome!
Star Rating - 9/8/2017
If you are not originally from Martinsville - DON'T MOVE THERE! It is the most unfriendly, racially bigoted, cliquish "community". We built a home there, in an upscale community, and regretted our mistake instantly. We selected this location as it was an easy commute to both Indy & Bloomington, but the people... It's only a 20 minute drive from Bloomington but a world apart. Think - undereducated, provincial, and extremely conservative. I cannot caution people enough about Martinsville. I forgot what it was like to live in a community of educated, socially conscious individuals until we moved out of Martinsville.
Large Event Planner | Chandler, AZ
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- 6/5/2010
Martinsville, IN
The best thing about Martinsville, IN is the lack of crime in the country. I have grown u...
Michelle | Martinsville, IN | No Replies

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