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Financially challenging for a young middle class f
Star Rating - 10/6/2013
Southern California is a wonderful place to live (if you can afford it). Currently, we are a family of 3- myself, my husband and our son. We are FINALLY thinking it may be possible to have another child, but we had to sell our condo to pay off some debt and I believe we'll only be renting now until we move out of state. Our household income is in the 110k-130k range and between paying for 2 children in childcare and renting an apartment, it will be nearly impossible for us to save enough for a downpayment on a decent property here. In order to find something affordable our commute to and from work would be horrific and then when do we spend time with our children. Southern California is a wonderful place for families with a higher income, or maybe that have family support for childcare (and could save that $2,000/month), but since we don't have that, I believe we need to move out of state to obtain the quality of life we've always looked forward to.
candice | Orange, CA
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- 11/29/2010
Access to health care
Numerous highly rated hospitals are located within a 20 mile radius. Variety of hospitals...
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Orange California
The Weather is great. However, the housing, jobs, schools and the State Government is not...
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Cost of living in Orange, California
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The Good Life
Born and raised in Orange County, I went away to the Midwest for college. After four years...
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