Review of Rockdale, Texas

Milam County, Texas
Star Rating - 6/26/2010
I have lived just east of Rockdale in Milam County for the last 10 years. My land is located in the Texas Urban Triangle which has made my land a really good investment, but I am still very rural. The land here is a mix of old growth oak forests and meadows. It is very beautiful and there is lots of wildlife. If you are thinking of buying recreational land, you should look in this area. Rockdale is close with shopping and a great hospital, but you can still live in the beautiful countryside. Land is still relatively cheap for Central Texas at 4-5k per acre. Well water is top notch and plentiful, which is a rare find these days. If you live in Austin, Houston or College Station, you should look at Milam County for recreational land and investing. Just my opinion.
Charlie | Rockdale, TX
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