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Review of Holland, Michigan

Holland-Zeeland: A Second Look. A Nice Place To L
Star Rating - 7/20/2011
I wanted to write this helpful addenum to my earlier comment about the city I work in, and the comminity I live in, nearby. Earlier on,I was being a little too negative. Things have changed for the better for myself, and my family. So, I wish to set some things, clear. As far as gangs, this issue is now getting cleared up, streets are getting safer, and there are many local renovations going on in housing, etc. The only negative that I still see so far, some people still keep more to themselves, probably due to being scared of the future, and the economic downturn that a hard working, historical city like Holland has faced, in the past 8-10 years. If you already well educated, starting your career, or established in a career, or entreprenuship, you should do very well. Holland is a very religious and civic minded city, too. There is a lot of diversity, here, as well, and no one really is condemning anyone else. The schools, and nearby colleges and universities are great, and this is a big plus if you are raising a family, too. The overall area is very beautiful , and you are not far from the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan and summers can be hot and humid, while winters are cold, as to be expected in a northern midwestern state. Spring and Fall is very nice, here. My place of work has a new customer-employee friendliness policy, and this is a very big plus! Nearby Zeeland, were I reside has undergone a big transformation, as well. This beautiful city located 5-6 miles east of Holland, and is very historical, lively, and always activiies going on for the very young to old, alike. There are also plenty of local sporting events, and lots of great scenic bicycle trails, as well. So, if you are lokig for a great place to come, retire or raise a family, you can't go wrong here.
Pam 1957 | Zeeland, MI
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