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Nice place with crazy drivers
Star Rating - 4/20/2012
I have lived in Biloxi, for roughly 2 years. However I have been to Biloxi on and off for years. Living in Biloxi is nice. There is plenty to do, shows, restaurants, fishing, shopping, casinos, or history. The people here are mostly friendly. It’s nice to get the chance to talk to strangers. It’s beautiful here too. While every place has nice areas and rough areas, I see Biloxi as beautiful. The only downside I would say is the heat, humidity and the drivers. It’s very hot here and stays (what I would consider warm) year round. When it rains here, IT RAINS! It never kind of rains, it’s always a downpour! The driving here is the worst I have ever seen in 35 years of life and driving the entire East coast, as well as the Midwest! This place beats all. It is very, very dangerous. The drivers here are very aggressive! There are a lot folks weaving in and out of traffic, speeding, or tailgating. It’s to the point where it is unsafe and I think about it when I leave my house! You must be so careful. The locals I find very nice, the place is beautiful with much to do, but the driving is something to be considered before coming here. Many will say there are bad drivers everywhere! I agree but not like here.
no one | Niceville, FL
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