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NO southern hospitality
Star Rating - 11/14/2017
Okay, i so rarely leave reviews but I moved to the Charleston area based on positive reviews so here's my take:
As much as they claim southern hospitality, this place is the most toxic and hateful place I've ever lived (and this is coming from Memphis, TN). The residents here are divided into two groups, native and non-native and that differentiation is of utmost importance. if you choose to move here, you're not wanted and you're reminded daily of this. They do give SOME allowance for military who are forced to live here but they're still treated poorly. You will not be able to leave the house without being flipped off for walking or driving or breathing, whether native or not and fights often break out at the grocery store/park/etc. Traffic is horrendous. I work from home and moved here because I want to adopt soon and wanted a safer place to raise a child. I've unfortunately delayed that until i can move again because I can't imagine raising a child in such a toxic city. Real Estate is overpriced, imo and service companies are severely lacking. Charleston is marked as being one the most ideal places to live in the country but i would argue that while it's beautiful, you have to be prepared for atrocious traffic and the most inhospitable residents I can even imagine. Steer clear if you have a choice!
Juanita | Goose Creek, SC
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I moved to Charleston, well Goose Creek, in 2008 and then to Summerville and I can tell you that by the time I left 2 years later, I too vowed to never return to this wretched place. The traffic was abhorrible and it took forever to get anywhere. I was coming from middle TN and I can tell you I'd prefer mountain streams and waterfalls to the place I moved to here. I decided to move back to TN. Less than 2 years later I was back. I actually did have a few good times when I would make the 45 min trek to downtown or the almost hour long drive to Folly Beach. I decided that the more "country" parts of charleston were not where I wanted to live. I moved to West Ashley and I started to have the best time. I could go to the amazing plethora of places of interests without having to waste a 1/4 tank of gas. I also had the opportunity to engage more people in the 1st month of living here this time than the entire 1st year the first go around. Since then I have made Charleston my home since 2012 and the situations of running into the occasional complaint about population growth of "non natives" or aggravating cut throat traffic has been fractional in comparison. I will tell you that Goose Creek is not the place that I would move if you plan to enjoy what Charleston has to offer. To the random population complaints I often retort with some witty reply about how "they must feel tremendous pride in being able to share such a beautiful place with people who have never had an opportunity to see it's like" or how they "must be overwhelmed with joy to have the opportunity to be so hospitable to those who come from such desolate areas of the US in comparison". To the even more rare "native" commentary I simply retort to listing so many of the "natives" I hear complaining about getting out of this place and if we could just get them to be more proactive about how they feel, there'd be plenty of room for the people who actually choose to live here. All I can say is that your assessment can be very true when living in such places that are so far away from the truest experiences in Charleston one could benefit from and find happiness in. Goose Creek, Summerville, and even North Charleston which is even closer to where all the wonderment is. The only part of your opinion that I truly disagree with is the violence. You came from Memphis. The violence here in Charleston is "a day at the beach" in comparison from that crazy city. All in all if you ever take the opportunity to move to this amazing place again, move to Charleston (West Ashley, James Island, Mt Pleasant, or Downtown) not Goose Creek. It's barely even in Charleston County.
DT | Charleston, SC | Report Abuse
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