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Star Rating - 1/15/2008
I live on a dirt road and it is very populated and even has a lake on it that people go to for fishing all year round. Half of the road is in Cheshire Township and half is in Trowbridge Township and we have been fighting for many years, over 30 years now, to get it paved. Our vehicles are always dirty and rusted out and I go through an exhaust system every year while the townships continue to fix the existing roads instead of paving ours. I am talking about 104th Avenue between 38th street and M-40. If they would even pave it from 36th to M-40, which is the Cheshire Township half, at least I could always go in and out that way. I actually have friends who refuse to come over because they don't want to drive on a dirt road and last spring, someone actually got stuck right in the middle of the road from the mud. It is ridiculous!
Tonya | Allegan, MI
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