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Star Rating - 7/1/2018
Indianapolis is basically confused on what it wants to be. It tries to be progressive and fast-paced like Chicago but its conservative and still stuck in 1988. It doesn't have the resources to another Chicago. I would compare it to Cincinnati, Kansas City, Omaha or Oklahoma City, but those cities aren't trying to be a alpha city they are midsize and they know their place. But, Indianapolis hasn't figured that it is not an alpha city. So, why try to be one? It's basically a Oklahoma City on steroids.

Bad roads, crater sized potholes, many streets in the out lying areas lack sidewalks but are assessible by public transportation. It has a bus only network that runs east/west and north/south, no transfer points but downtown. This causes long bus rides for a trip that should take only 20-30 minutes.

The culture in Indy is very conservative. Socially and politically. It is a fiscally conservative state. So, the poor are treated like disposables. Homelessness is everywhere. The minimum wage is only 7 dollars and some change. As a result, marriage is encouraged at a young age. Which is why single people who move here that is over 30 will never have a chance. Single women are shunned. Single women are hated by married women here. You will be treated like garbage. They are plain nasty, two-faced, fake and backstabbing. They seriously think that you're a man stealer because you're a single woman over 30! Talk about weird and backwards. I've already accepted the fact that I probably will not ever have any friends while I'm here. I've made plans to travel back and forth to my native city when I have time from my work.

Well, I've touched on a bit on the people above. But, to put it brutally honest...they are WEIRD. Most are reserved when it comes to their opinions. It can be something as simple as giving your honest opinion about a movie and they will look at you with this empty stare and say "humph". The people are very passive aggressive, fake friendliness, rude or just plain evil. They have boring personalities that consist of bad-mouthing someone behind their back... gossiping and rumor mills floating around like a bunch of high schoolers. WEIRD.

I guess they think Indy is in the league with NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Boston, Miami... because they have the Colts. Not by a long shot! The Colts will probably eventually return to Baltimore when the first opportunity comes. Conformists, herd mentality and passive aggressive idiots are everywhere. Even some friendly and smart Hoosiers have approached me since I've been here and told me they're dying to leave, usually move to California, Chicago, Florida even Georgia. I guess it's their fundamental conservative politics and harsh winters...maybe. But, when I leave Indy, I'm out for good. My heart belongs in my native southern state that has culture, charm, friendliness, good food and music and most of all mild winters.

Yada | Omaha, NE
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I am sorry you have had such a bad experience in Indy. I was born and raised in Chicago, and have lived the last 30 years in Indy where I find the people to be quite a bit more kind, friendly, and generous. In fact, when I was relocating from Illinois, I was headed for Cincinnati and passed through Indy deciding on Indy instead. It is true we are a very conservative state but we also grow much of the food that ends up on America's table. We are hard working, conscientous, and Christian with many outreach programs for those needing support. I worked with the indigent adult population for years and I can say first hand that Hoosiers will open their hearts and wallets to those less fortunate. I hope you have better experiences in the future. As a native Illini, I choose Hoosiers any day!!!!!
Laurie | Indianapolis, IN
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