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Review of Big Spring, Texas

The town God forgot
Star Rating - 5/3/2009
One of the worse places to live in the United States. Ranks in the top 17 Texas cities with the highest property taxes. Ranks at the extreme low end of education quality. Abject poverty as far as the eye can see. Special property tax rates for corrupt politicos. Pious and uptight people. Not a decent meal unless you drive to Midland. High concentration of fuctioning illeterates and major drug and crime problems. This town is in desperate need of an enema. Not a place for educated people with wordly experiences.
wesley | Big Spring, TX
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I actually just got a call about a job in Big Spring - didn't know anything about the area so I came here. The job is an RN position at the PRISON!! No thanks!! I had my resume on the government website & no wonder they called - ha ha!
Michelle | Northfield, OH | Report Abuse

You misspelled "functioning illiterates" and "worldly". Pure gold.
Rob Creighton | Portland, OR | Report Abuse
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