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Overall, a Good Place to Live
Star Rating - 6/19/2016
Like any place, Pueblo West has its pros and cons. Having lived here for 7 years, I feel qualified to give an honest assessment on the quality of life here.

Overall, it's a very nice place to live. The cost of living is very reasonable, it's generally peaceful and quiet, the views of the distant mountains are awesome, traffic congestion is almost non-existent, and the crime rate is quite low (especially the violent crime rate). The schools are highly rated, the air and water are clean, local shopping is adequate and much more shopping is available in nearby Pueblo, 90% of the lots are large (at least 1 acre), which provides "elbow room" and reasonable privacy. There is a large state park and reservoir abutting the south border of Pueblo West, which provides water, hiking, and bicycling opportunities. The climate is relatively mild, with 4 distinct seasons, which allows for outdoor activities almost every day of the year (although some summer days can be uncomfortably hot). The local sales tax is only 3.9%, compared to 7.4% for Pueblo and over 8% in Colorado Springs and Fountain. That savings really adds up over time. Housing costs are low, comparatively speaking. One can still buy a well-built, 2000 sq ft ranch-style home with a full basement on over an acre of land for less than $250K. Housing prices range from less than $100K for a mobile home in the mobile home section of the community to over a million in the Liberty Point area and a few homes around the golf course. Compared to the other Front Range cities of Colorado, Pueblo West is a veritable bargain in terms of cost of living.

Now for the downsides of living in Pueblo West:
1. The roads. Half the roads in Pueblo West are gravel, which means lots of dust when they are dry and mud when they are wet. Most of the "paved" roads in Pueblo West are chip-sealed, which is not nearly as good as asphalt. Most of the chip-sealed roads are rough and many have potholes. Only the "main" roads through the community are asphalt and in good shape. Very few roads and streets have curbs and gutters.
2. The wind and the tumbleweeds. Although not as bad as some people make it out to be, the winds can be fierce and relentless, especially in the spring. With so much undeveloped prairie land to the west of Pueblo West, the west winds pick up the millions of tumbleweeds between Pueblo West and the Wet Mountains 25 miles to the west and deposit them throughout the community. Spring and early summer is a never-ending battle to keep your property free of tumbleweeds.
3. The critters. There are lots of snakes throughout Pueblo West, including prairie rattlers. One must be careful when out walking. The local veterinarians make a lot of money treating dogs that have been bitten by rattlesnakes. There are also black widows, tarantulas, and scorpions to contend with from time to time. Prairie dogs and gophers are a nuisance to many homeowners. Owners of cats and small dogs must be mindful of the ever-present danger of the birds of prey - eagles, hawks and owls - that patrol the skies over Pueblo West.
4. Streetlights. There are virtually no streetlights in Pueblo West, which makes walking and finding things at night very difficult.
5. Jobs. Almost all of the available jobs within Pueblo West are low-paying retail jobs. And the nearby major city, Pueblo, has the highest unemployment rate in the state. Unless you are retired with a steady pension check, work for the school district or one of the Pueblo hospitals/medical facilities, or are self-employed in a successful business, you will have trouble finding a job that pays all the bills associated with home ownership, or even the rent on a 2-BR apartment.
6. The pot shops. After marijuana sales and use was approved in Colorado a couple years ago, there has been a proliferation of "recreational" marijuana sales shops in Pueblo West. Some may think that is a positive, but the overwhelming majority of Pueblo West residents consider the shops a blight on the community. I am part of that majority. Not only do the pot shops create an anti-family image for the community, but they are selling a product that has led to increased property crime and impaired drivers on the public streets and roads. There have been a number of serious traffic accidents, including some with fatalities, caused by marijuana-impaired drivers. I personally know a number of Pueblo West residents who have moved or are planning to move out of the community because of the pot shops and the problems they cause. The promised tax revenues from the sales of marijuana to upgrade and repair the roads in Pueblo West has not materialized. If anything, the roads in this community have gotten worse since marijuana sales were approved.

Despite these drawbacks, Pueblo West is a pretty desirable place to live, especially for a retiree like me. If you want to live in Colorado, be within a reasonable distance from the mountains, have nearby major shopping and medical facilities, never have to worry about violent crime or getting caught in traffic jams -- all at a very low cost of living -- Pueblo West may be the answer.

Hal | Pueblo West, CO
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As far as I'm concerned (and I live in Pueblo West), the comments made by "Hal" are spot-on. I definitely agree with him that the pot shops are undesirable and have led to an increase in crime, homeless people, panhandlers and dangerous drivers. I'm really irked about having to deal with the sickening odor of marijuana smoke nearly every time I walk around the duck pond and the adjoining flower garden. I've also seen people smoking it in plain view in Lovell Park, outside the library, in the Walmart and Safeway parking lots, and while walking down our residential streets. There doesn't seem to be any enforcement of the laws pertaining to public marijuana use. I have no children at home any more, but if I did, I would not live in Pueblo West and expose them to a culture that promotes the use of a drug that is considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance (the same category as heroin) by the U.S. Government and is banned in 47 of the 50 states.
Karl | Pueblo, CO | Report Abuse

Great review - totally agree with everything said.
Ben | Pueblo West, CO | Report Abuse

Michael M. WHERE EAGLES SOAR A little History of Pueblo West.Mr.Robert P. McCulloch started building this Small Community Sept 6th 1969.He invisioned this Community to be a city with a country living feeling w/larger lots.It's an Equestrian,Twilight Community.You can ride your horses around our Metro areas preferable the Green Belts you see around our Community.No street lights and low luminum lights on comercial properties.So we all can see the stars at night!It brings me back home on the farm outside Epworth,Iowa.It's Beautiful!Very little sidewalks or curbs.Our Population now is 30,322,total 60,000 eventually.All with in 26,000 acres.You see the Rail Road Tie Fencing around town.It came from the Arkansas River Banks when they were building the Pueblo Dam.They had to move the tracks hence the tie fencing.My Family of 6 lived in Denver 31 years.Moved out here in the summer of 05,11years.My friend Walter said 'check it out.I did,been here since!I will die here.Like ''over all a good place to live'' wrote It is a Great place to live!I can ONLY have PROS! 1.The roads.They are almost half all gravel.Mostly the North side.That side has alot to grow yet!The Pueblo West Metro is slowly paving the roads on the South side,the most populous.The Taxes from Marijuana sales(Medical, Recreational&Growers)will be used for the roads.This Taxes is new.Once they (Pueblo County& Pueblo) hash out (Pardon The Pun) how much goes where.We will see more things happen little by little.Any faster he'll complain about that!Patients is a virtue! 2,3.Wind and the Tumble weeds.Yes we have Wind & Tumbleweeds.!We have snakes,Insects& Predators,four legged and Winged.Such is living in the Dessert! 4.Street Lights. Yes we don't have street lights.Pueblo West Hardware,Walmart,Dollar Store,Safeway and The Family Dollar Store all sell Flash lights And lanterns. 5.Jobs.People with higher paying Jobs commute.Whether they drive or fly out.A lot of my friends do both.There are lots of starter jobs for the younger kids.My Two older ones work in Pueblo.My two young ones work odd jobs for the elderly.By the way this is not a Retirement Community.The average adult age here is 38+,2.75 children.We had a chance at a Distribution Warehouse for Walmart,it was voted down in most part by the Retired Commutity.900 jobs went to i believe Casper,Wy.There would have been a lot of Taxes generated!One step closer to becoming a town instead of Pueblos Bedroom Community. That was before i moved here,how disapointing. 6.Marjuana- Wholesale & Retail,Medical & Recreational.We The People voted for this to be legal.It generates Taxes & Jobs and helps the Ailing and Dying.What this person said is Grossly over stated.Crime is the same,no different than before all this.We still have bad apples here.The Crimnals also come from Colorado Springs&Pueblo and I'm sure else where.Go to neighboorhood watch meetings,always be looking,hearing,anything suspicious!He's also talking drunk driving not under the influence of Pot!There is not a fool proof way of telling how high a person is and what is the limit!Alcohol is 200 times worse!The MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE here want the shops!I am part of the MAJORITY!My children know all about Pot and they do not smoke it or cigaretts.It's up to the Parents to Educate them because this is the norm.My Family Loves It Here!If they choose to move elsewhere so be it!They know where I'll be! As a last word of advice if i influenced you to move here WELCOME TO PUEBLO WEST WHERE THE EAGLES SOAR! If there is anyone who lives here and does'nt like all the Great things about our Community.MOVE.More room for other people.And there is more things to come to our Community!
Michael | Pueblo, CO | Report Abuse
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