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southern friendliness over rated
Star Rating - 6/19/2006
I live in southern mississippi and i think its boast as the friendliest in the country is over rated.People here tend to stick within a circle of
relatives,friends from growing up,etc.I have been here for 15 years and
lived in northeastern wisconsin for 18 years[originally from mass.].I made
a few life time friends in wisconsin and other friends.This is not the case
here.I am sure i will get a lot of arguements from southerners.
Another thing is the obssession with the civil war which i think is strange
since the north won and the south was decimated.What makes me sick is that
they hold a confederate memorial day and place it on the same level as the
national memorial day.The civil war divided this country and probably set it
back at least 25 years.In the north you see a monument to the union soldiers
who served and died but thats it.They dont obssess about the civil war and
recognize that it was a step backwards for our country.Its only purpose was
to do away with slavery.

GUSORD | Ocean Springs, MS
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