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Lakewood in my eys
Star Rating - 10/17/2009
Lakewood, lakewood, LakeHood! I have lived here my entire life, and it has some of the worst and best neighborhoods in the state. From the gang/drug/crime areas of chocolate city, lakeview, tillicum,etc. to the rich/quiet/safe neighborhoods of oakbrook, gravelly lake, etc. but sadly i have happened to lived in the bad parts, so my personal experiance of the city is this: It was poor and full of crime, cheap motels, n strip clubs, b4 it was incorporated in 96, now its still full or crime, cheap motels, strip cluss,but they just make u pay more to live here!for a "suburb"...pretty bad. average murders per year are 10, tacoma 17, which is bad since tacoma is an urban city n lakewood about 1/4 the population aka lakewood #1 murder rate city in pierce county.Compton, ca averages 10 murders a year as well,haha. but again there are very quiet, nice parts as well, so ppl that grew up in those parts might have a very different perspective than mine.
shaun | Lakewood, WA
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acualy compton averages around 50 murders a year and thats pretty crazy for a city with a pop of 96000 and seeing how portland/seattle only average around 30-40 a year but lakewood is a interesting place you can be in a straight gang bangin neighborhood drive a couple min and bee in a nice suburban neighborhoods. alot of lakewood is just as bad as tacoma lakewood is the hood so if your lookin for suburbs dont move to lakewood or ne where in the 253 go some where in the 425 area code lol
Jason | Portland, OR
- 1/21/2018
Lakewood City is moving in a positive direction
Historically, Lakewood has had a bad reputation for being a crime ridden city, but since i...
Wilmer | Lakewood, WA | No Replies

- 1/10/2018
Stay far away.
Lakewood is the worst city in the state. With a murder rate that has grown upwards of 20 p...
Nate | Lakewood, WA | No Replies

- 10/17/2009
lakewood(chocolate city, lakeview, eastside,tillicum/woodbrook,lakecity) all crime drug an...
shaun | Lakewood, WA | No Replies

- 10/17/2009
lakewood 4 life 253!!!
Lakewood, lakewood, LakeHood! I have lived here my entire life, and it has some of the wor...
shaun | Lakewood, WA | No Replies

- 5/9/2008
Cost of living is higher in a low income area?
I have lived in lakewood for 12 years only 2 & a half in Lakecity, the rest in woodbrook. ...
R.A. | Lakewood, WA | 1 Reply

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