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Star Rating - 10/14/2019
WARNING!!! Parents of children that are black and brown please be advised your child will be treated, disciplined and introduced to an prejudice society with this school. Staff presents themselves as Christian based but are very vindictive if you disagree with their outlook. Staff views passionate parents as renegades for having opinions. Staff will take every opportunity to weaponize innocent child fun. Staff is reluctant to pursue alternative practices and will only blame your child. Staff discourages any parent involvement with teachers. Overall I would say this is a poor school because of the structure. No leadership and staff is weak from top to bottom. I wouldn’t recommend ANY parents here.
Joe | Jacksonville, FL
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What school are you even talking about first and foremost? lol
Amy | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse

Hmmmm... no mention of what school or where or even it is in Duval... worthless comment.
B | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse

How is jacksonville segregated?
B | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse

These statistics for 2019 from the Jacksonville Times/Union may assist parents looking for a good schools for their children: "Out of the 158 homicide victims last year, 100 of them, or 63 percent, were black men. Black men make up just 14 percent of Jacksonville’s population. Jacksonville is still a segregated city, and the homicides are concentrated in black neighborhoods."
Don | Sequim, WA | Report Abuse

Which school exactly is this? because I plan on moving back to Jax with my 2 preteens and I want to make sure they go to a good high school
WAKONDA | Omaha, NE | Report Abuse
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