Review of Westfield, Massachusetts

Get involved or lose our city to criminals.
Star Rating - 8/8/2018
I have lived here for 15 years. I love my home, I think that the police are great, never get the credit they deserve, The problem is there is always one problem person who ruins a community, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD complain about everything But Never report it to the Police. Please if you want to see WESTFIELD STAY SAFE get involved. The police need our help. I have seen a decline in WESTFIELD during the past year, We need to stop this, Call the police on people trying to ruin our city. Complaining without reporting is worthless. GOD BLESS THE CITY, PROTECT IT FROM THE RISE IN DRUG USE, CRIME.

MICHAEL | Westfield, MA
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Maybe the criminals could help the economy tho, it would be neat to get something new in town besides another gas station or dollar store. maybe we should give them a chance instead of yet another republican mayor that doesnt do a damn thing. We give the cops millions of dollars a year, they have a damn tank and there's like six crimes a year in town, its kinda silly. any time a cop pulls someone over in this town, the whole damn force shows up because they're so dang bored it gives them something to do for the next couple hours before they go find one of the six black families in town to go harass for walking down the road too close to the rich neighborhoods
Steve | Westfield, MA | Report Abuse
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