Review of Appleton, Maine

Economic growth in Midcoast area
Star Rating - 8/30/2008
Appleton is the PERFECT town to put roots down, that will allow you to pursue a career in Maine. New businesses moving to the Midcoast area include Bank of America (purchasing the former MBNA company and expanding it's workforce), Boston Financial, Athena Health and The Erickson Foundation; as well as medical and state employment in Augusta. As the 'credit crunch" ends, jobs in the Midcoast region (a PINE TREE development area) will continue to grow. For more information on business in Maine, one can contact the Knox/Waldo Regional Economic Development Council.

An educated work force, reasonable housing and a quality of life some places only dream of, Appleton and the Midcoast is truly one of the best places to live.
Scott | Poulsbo, WA
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