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Review of Reno, Nevada

So many negatives
Star Rating - 10/19/2008
This city is, next to San Bernardino, the ugliest I have ever lived. Lots of old, poorly maintained buildings, bad roads, graffiti, trash strewn parking lots. There doesn't seem to be a "nice" part of the city, although the southern edges turns into decent country-side. The cost of living is ridiculously high, with the majority of the apartment complexes ugly and run down. High crime, the people are like those in Los Angeles; bored, disinterested, and full of antipathy. Winter hits the second week of October, and freezing temperatures (or far below) last until the end of April. Lots of icy wind from the Sierras. The casino district is gray and ugly, uninviting.
The only benefits are the beauty of the mountains to the West, and Reno's proximity to Tahoe for the outdoors types. Lots of shopping, but not much else.
frank | Grass Valley, CA
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Winter does start the second week of October, at least it did in October 2007, when I lived there. And it last until the end of April, 2007 (the week began at 32 degrees during the day, and by the end of the week it rose to lower 80s). Yes, the lights of the casinos are bright, the buildings themselves are ugly and tacky. The apartmet complexes are run down, and graffiti is everywhere. I lived in Reno because I was a student at UNR, which got tagged twice, in mulitple locations while I was there, as did my apartment complex. Crime IS an issue, female students were getting attacked and raped on the UNR campus, and one was eventually killed nearby. Yes, Reno is warmer than Vermont or Ohio. But freezing temps for almost six months is cold to most people. Especially if you're from Oregon, California or someplace else that isn't covered in ice eight months a year.
frank | Kennewick, WA | Report Abuse

The downtown area, and other areas, in Reno are garbage strewn and awful; there are lots of places in town where I would not walk, and many places that are depressing to even have to drive though. And I am flabbergasted at the costs of living. Public transportation is awful. However, if you have a good job, there are many lots of lovely living areas and it is not hard to find a great view. It has many sunny days and the weather is good.
Synderetic | Reno, NV | Report Abuse

Please. Winter does not start the second week of october. Try living in VT, where winter hits in Late September early october. The casino district (Or Downtown) Is not gray, it all color and lights. The crime rate is relatively low, compared to other large cities. And he majority of the apartment complexes are not run down. And it rarely ever gets below freezing in the winter. The people here are not bored, and are very interested. I have barely seen any "Trash Strewn parking lots". The roads are not bad, they are fairly well maintained. So Reno, realy is a great place to live, so dont say all these bad things about Reno, just because you dont like to live there.
Zack | Sparks, NV | Report Abuse
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