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Very Sad Place to Live
Star Rating - 3/28/2014
I have been living here for 1 yr. My job required me to move here..As soon as my contract is up which is this year. I am OUT of here. It is so depressing to live here. the weather would be bearable if it was not so depressing. everyone is drug addicts, a lot of elderly people. They require taxes from you but there are NO jobs and NO growth. Where are my tax $$ going. the hospital is the worst I've ever been to. Quality of service at Med Central is BAD in Mansfield. I don't understand how they made the best places to live list because it is really bad. I am 45 years old and I truly HATE Mansfield. I never knew such a place existed, I really think something is in the water because people are mentally slow,city hall is from 1930's,No one knows anything about anything here. I pray the end of 2014 get here so I can MOVE OUT OF this fresh hell. Don't be fooled. Don't move here is you have a life. Mansfield will for sure drain it
Kim | Mansfield, OH
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- 4/18/2019
LOVE it here and never want to leave!
My family and I LOVE it here. There is so much for our family of four with two small chil...
Julie | Mansfield, OH | No Replies

- 9/14/2009
Mansfield is teen friendly
Contrary to popular belief Mansfield actually is really teen friendly. We have two movie t...
Brandon | Mansfield, OH | No Replies

- 9/14/2009
Great diversity for anyone
there is such a diversity of religion and culture in Mansfield. i have lived here for 19 y...
Brandon | Mansfield, OH | No Replies

- 11/29/2008
Gravely Mistaken
I just got home from Mansfield, Ohio. I have looked on your city's website frequently as ...
lisa | Madison Heights, MI | 2 Replies

- 6/22/2008
A city with a changing workforce
There seems to be job growth but many HIGH paying jobs have left. Still a great value for...
Sam | Mansfield, OH | No Replies

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