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lively and progressive community
Star Rating - 2/1/2011
Carrboro has a strong civic life with a lot of local participation and visionary politics towards making a more sustainable and just community. The center of town has public space and walkable streets with local businesses places for people to congregate. People are friendly and welcoming. There is a wonderful Farmer's Market and strong local food and farming culture that are well supported. Carrboro has the amenities and activities of a more urban center, particularly with Chapel Hill as our neighbor, but also access to woods and a more quiet way of life. Good balance. High property taxes and expensive homes in the downtown area. Institutionalized racism and poverty persist here, as in most places, so most restaurants I find myself dining with white folks while being served by Latino and Blacks. There are some spaces that are more integrated than others. Lots of free spirits, opportunities to grow spiritually and try new activities like Hooping and Nia and all the classes offered at the ArtsCenter. See live music at the Cat's Cradle. No more video store :( but there is a new record store and a used book store. No free-standing library but 2 smaller facilities that can be used during the day with computer access (Cybrary) and evenings and weekend with more family-oriented programs (Carrboro Branch).
vanessa | Chapel Hill, NC
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- 1/3/2010
good climate
climate is good, 4 seasons, winter is short with just a little snow....
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- 9/16/2005
great place to live
Carrboro is a small town, adjoining much more well known Chapel Hill. It's quieter and has...
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