Review of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Uptown Minneapolis
Star Rating - 9/19/2010
I love most everything about my Minneapolis neighborhood. I live two blocks from the epicenter of Uptown, Lake st and Hennepin Ave. I have three grocery stores within a ten minute walk, and the Wedge Coop is about fifteen minutes away. Living on the urban bike highway known as the midtown greenway makes commuting to work a breeze. The northern part of my neighborhood is slightly less gentrified, so I spend more of my time there. Over the last ten years, my immediate surroundings have been polluted by chain stores. The weekends are almost unbearable. Our neighborhood is a Minneapolis hotspot, and the demographic changes on Friday night from liberal city folk to more conservative suburban tourists. I'm assuming this because my boyfriend and I encounter more homophobia over the weekend than we do at the Mall of America. I love the density, I love the residents, and I love the convenience of Uptown.
Christian | Minneapolis, MN
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