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Would like to locate to the south
Star Rating - 10/24/2006
Just like Bernice, my family is seriously considering a move to the south. We are currently living in CT. Its beautiful here and the schools are fantastic but we really hate the harsh winter and the people in the south seem to be so warm and friendly. Although I do wonder if they are inviting to "yankees". Our main concerns are the public school system and the crime rate. I would love to get some input from anyone living in the south.

Thanks so much!
Michelle | East Hampton, CT
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- 5/9/2013
The water is undrinkable. It smells and tastes like it has passed through a pile of decomp...
Ishtiaq | Peachtree City, GA | No Replies

- 8/4/2011
Peachtree City is a mix...
...of what I consider very desirable and what I consider very undesirable. Moderate-to-hig...
Amye | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

- 2/1/2009
colder than I thought
This is a beautiful town to live in. My main objection is that when we moved here from Sou...
Dolores | Peachtree City, GA | No Replies

- 10/2/2007
Very Nice Place To Live
This is a great place for everyone from children to senior citizens. There are 90+ miles o...
Jean | Peachtree City, GA | No Replies

- 10/2/2007
Great Schools!
All 3 of my children attend the elementary and middle (public) schools here in Peachtree C...
Jean | Peachtree City, GA | No Replies

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