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Paradise On Earth, Glory To Those Who Glory In It.
Star Rating - 11/25/2009
I grew up in Upland at the tail end of the Citrus Industry. That's what basically defines the town. Greed corrupted things when City Council members in the 50's took bribes to "Rezone" the place (an Unconstitutional Act), and thereby forcing even the most die-hard citrus ranchers to sellout to Developers(who paid the bribes). Many of these ex-City Councilmen(throughout Southern California) confessed to this bribery, years later, once the statute of limitations was up. Prior to this, it was an absolutely idyllic place to live: Quiet, NO crime, Rural-urban in character. Your neighbors were always interested in you and willing to help, but NEVER nosy about your business. The air was clean(all the citrus and other trees cleaned the air), natural beauty surrounded you at every turn, the roads weren't crowded. Arrow Dairy had the best milk(in those days, they had their own cows--on site), the citrus fruit you got was the best the world has ever seen(Upland has the best soil, climate, elevations, water table and drainage for citrus--better than anywhere else on Earth), but no supermarkets. Only local grocery stores. Brian's on the west side, Woody's and The Central downtown. Dr. John Craig, the best physician anyone's ever seen; and cheap, plus he made housecalls(and didn't golf). His home phone number was listed in the phone book, and many times, I've heard him say, "Meet me at the back door of the office in fifteen minutes." (His office was in the building on the Northeast corner of 2nd Avenue and D Street(he, his father-also a physician and a third doctor built the building--with their own hands--it's still there). The police department, under Chief Wesley, was unique: Always friendly to residents, but Heaven help you if you were from out of town.But the point is that they respected you and your rights and didn't push their weight around like so many cops today do. I think the hippies and other riots in the 60's tainted that special relationship between police officers and citizens that used to exist. In those years, the Upland schools were rated Number 1 in the US. The place was just amazing..... But count your blessings if you live there: It's STILL 10 times better than anyplace else you could live. Not what it once was, but still the best. And I'm counting on future generations of Uplanders to take a lesson from the past, and not only restore it, but make it better than ever. Face it people, the place has potential. Potential in ever inch and length and breadth of itself. But especially in its people. They're what makes Upland's future. Believe in yourselves, folks. Don't let these harbingers of doom and gloom and "The Government has to do it" brainwash you into thinking you're stuck. The truth is, YOU can make your world anything you want it to be; and let's face it, that's what freedom's all about. Don't trust politicians to make things right(although Upland has a GREAT Congressman)---YOU go out there and make them right. And for those of us who are Upland natives, the place is truly "Heaven On Earth", and Glory(to those who glory in it.). God's best blessings to all of you, Wynn Sands
Wynn | Las Vegas, NV
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I lived in the Upland area back in the mid-1980s, when Wynn Sands drove a taxi and I was a frequent passenger. I remember that he loved Upland and would explain why. Eventually, I needed to see the rest of the country, but my friendship with Wynn is one of my happy memories of my days in the Low Desert.
Geraldine | Staten Island, NY
- 11/29/2014
Great city except during the summer months where it is getting increasingly hotter....
Leah | Upland, CA | No Replies

- 9/10/2009
Why I Think the Quality of Life is Good Here
Why I Think the Quality of Life is Good Here I have lived in this town since I was a...
Cynthia | Upland, CA | No Replies

- 7/9/2008
It's Suburbia
Residing in Upland is okay. It's close to some decently sized shopping malls but isn't par...
Catherine | Upland, CA | No Replies

- 12/22/2007
The air is very unhealthy almost year round....
patty | Upland, CA | No Replies

- 2/21/2007
Small growing bed community near Los Angeles....
Karen | Upland, CA | No Replies

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