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A very nice town
Star Rating - 10/28/2011
I went there to visit during June of 2011. I can tell you that Astoria is a very nice town. Its very green with tall trees on hills and grass very green compare to where I live. In Texas is always brown. Oregon is probably the greenest state because Oregon get enough rain. Three or maybe more movies was film in Astoria, I have seen Short Circuit,Goonies, and Kindergarten Cop was film in Astoria and I don't know if any other movies were film in Astoria. I have seen three of those movies several times and when I visiting Astoria I remember the places that I have seen in those movies like the school in Kindergarten Cop and the downtown area, also the bridge going to washington. I thought its was really neat that I remember those places that I have seen in movies before. The weather was very nice when I was visiting. But its rains there a lot during winter and more rain than the valley of Oregon where Eugene is. I rather live in Medford or Eugene because of less rain but I will always visit Astoria when I live in Oregon because its a very nice town to visit during summer time.
Jay | Leander, TX
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