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Quality of Life stinks unless have monry
Star Rating - 1/29/2016
South Dakota is not a place for young or old poor people. Only the rich can enjoy this state The state does not care about the poor,kids,or elderly.Fine example cut education by 800,000 dollars and now cutting teachers and ones that are left will get a little more in pay. Lowest paying salary in nation here for teachers. Right to work state this is a joke. Cost of living lower because you get paid sub wages. Women are treated like second hand citizens,especially since gel moms. Elderly who need work because they don't have enough to live don't get jobs and no programs here. Government does nothing for the poorer class of people. Soon when they get done with pipeline and mining this state will be like of America, contaminated water,dirty air and in shambles all because of their greed. If you have a nice car forget it that car is doomed. We got raised 6 cents for roads and roads are never fixed. They tried to tax vehicles for each wheel that was turned down but believe me they will get way without the people deciding.The people here have no say what goes on. The only thing they got here is the hills and bad lands other than that not a place to thrive.
Karen | Rapid City, SD
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Ridiculous it is the cheapest state to live in and theres not much to do so it has nothing to do with money I moved there with nothing from Denison TX and it sucks even if you are rich in Texas. South Dakota people are 1000 times more honest then Texans who love to hire felons and morons because they are gonna rob you anyway. SD has great schools which cost nothing, great outdoors which also cost nothing. Your gonna struggle anywhere you go I bet
jamie | Wellfleet, MA | Report Abuse

Karen sounds like she is from Cal. Lots of complainers there and they are moving out in droves distroying other states like they did in Cal. I've lived in 8 different areas of this fine country and SD is my # 2. Texas is #1. Spent 27 years in Mich.
John | Hemet, CA | Report Abuse

Our kids had the best school teachers of all the different places they went to school, South Dakota has teachers that CARE and not there for the money. Better than MI. WI. Mn. Ca. The older I have gotten the more I wish I had not chased the money, should have looked for quality of life. We had it once in South Dakota. Don't know what u have till its gone.
John | Hemet, CA | Report Abuse
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