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Star Rating - 7/30/2013
I looked at property over here, because the neighborhood i live in currently has a lot of noisy people. I like the quiet. No loud boom boxes coming from automobiles. No horses, and their flies. No teenagers. No loose k9s so that i can wear short-shorts above my knees and walk the neighborhood with no problems of being bitten.

John | Pasadena, CA
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- 2/13/2017
Not a place for working class to live
Was looking for a average priced home in $170 to$200 and a job good luck. High price on t...
Randy | Yucca Valley, CA | No Replies

- 7/30/2013
The things i dont like: Dogs biting me. Loud music. Horses, and flies. Long pants, I w...
John | Pasadena, CA | No Replies

- 1/6/2007
Sleepy town, good for families
We lived in Gardnerville for 9 years. Quiet town. Plenty of families. Great if you like...
Joy | Valencia, CA | No Replies

- 6/23/2006
Beautiful, but disappointing
I retired here from Northern California as a renter and thought I could buy a home in the ...
Harry | Gardnerville, NV | 1 Reply

- 5/30/2006
The weather here is nice. There are four seasons, but it seems to me that spring and fall...
Paula | Gardnerville, NV | No Replies

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