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Star Rating - 7/2/2017
Please be advised that I am an Asian born American of Japanese- Chinese descent. My wife is a BSN RN and I am disabled out of my job. As a disabled person I left my job and retired to Oildale in Bakersfield in to brand new sets of tract housing behind North High School. When I moved here the neighborhood was brand new and most of the people living here were government employees. That was in 2004. FASAT FORWARD! In 2008 after the housing bubble collapse the neighborhood changed as ALL my original neighbors moved out and was replaced by low class people and drug dealers! My life has been threatened several times, my son was threatened with kidnapping, and a friend of my wife who is Indian had both of her brand new cars, a BMW and a Mercedes Benz, blown up and lit on fire. One, the BMW, was blown up in her driveway. Stay away from Oildale they have KKK marches and White Supremacist everywhere. When the economy was doing well they were not to be seen. Now, the economy is bad and they are everywhere. One neighbor who is white and moved from Kansas is now targeted by them because she is not from around here and do not want to be fingered so are trying to get them out! STAY AWAY FROM OILDALE! if YOU CAN STAY AWAY FROM BAKERSFIELD TOO! YOU WILL LIVE LONGER. BY THE WAY THE SHERIFF AND THE BPD ARE CORRUPT AND THERE ARE DRUGS MOVING THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT AND ARE FREINDS WITH THE DRUG WHOLE SELLERS AND WILL SET YOU UP IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT THEY WANT FROM YOU!!
Cecil | Oildale, CA
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