Review of Spring Lake, North Carolina

want to move to pittsburgh pa
Star Rating - 1/7/2011
I read tommy review and i dont know how a person can go three years with no job .Do you live on the system ? We live in fayetteville north carolina .there are no jobs here. Thank god i have a part time job .I work around 30 hours a week it is hard . My wife works part time also .We want to move to pittsburgh around june when our child gets out of school .and the school system is bad here also just look at crageslist at skilled/trades . I am a carpenter finish carpenter .When i look in pittsburgh area i see 3 to 6 job offers per day here i have not seen three in a week cant remeber last time i seen a trim carpenter add: I think pittsburgh is a great place to start over hope i am right . Looked all over the net and pittsburgh seems to fit my family .Hope we fit there see ya in june good people of pittsburgh .please give feed back to If some one needs a trim carpenter with great skill i can move up early and family can follow later thanks rick
ricky | Spring Lake, NC
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