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Newport News is not a bad place to live
Star Rating - 2/21/2012
I have lived in Newport News for 35 years. My father retired here after being in the military for 26 years. The people are not rude. Most of the people are nice if you are nice to them. Sometimes you will encounter a person that seems to be rude but if you say something nice to them you usually will find out that they are just having a bad day. After hurricane Isabel caused large amounts of destruction in the area, we were without electricity for 10 days. People were extremely nice at the gas pumps (which were not many the 1st day or 2) and at the centers that were handing out ice and water. People rushed to assist their neighbors if possible and the city was quick to provide services for those who needed it the most. If the stop lights were not working people were courteous and allowed each other to get to their destinations. The city has changed but the changes are not so drastic that I would move. We have museums and beautiful parks (especially Newport News Park). The location of Newport News is centralized and you can reach Washington D.C., Nags Head, or the mountains in a matter of hours. I especially like the fact that there are many military retirees in the area because they know how to be neighborly and they know how to keep their houses and yards up to par. Newport News has many churches and they cooperate and coordinate with each in time of crisis and at times of peace. Most of the restaurants that I have encoutered are not dirty and the both want and need their patrons' business. Newport News is not perfect but I like it here.
Linda | Newport News, VA
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