Review of Fort Hood, Texas

Star Rating - 5/23/2013
I was very satisfied the first two years my kids went there. If their was a problem the administration knew how to handle it. A new administration has taken over and all the wonderful people have left. There are still some but Ms.Dart who is the principal is awful. A teacher had made my son cry and she later admitted it, then she told him not to tell anyone because she was having a bad day." So I feel I need to go tot the school and check on my son since stuff like this goes on in Clarke. The office staff and the the principal, Ms.Dart says I can not peek-in the window to make sure my son is alright. I would need to give them a "24 - 48 hour heads up as a courtesy to the teacher." If you have my child in your school and I obtain a visitors pass and will not and have never disrupted his class then Why not? It's not in any manual. Not in any policy? With some of the changes she has made it's not beneficial to the children. Also, their communication to parents is awful and I do agree with the previous comment that the office staff looks confused every time you call or go to the office.
Nasia | Fort Hood, TX
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