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Review of Tyler, Texas

Tyler, the city of unless.
Star Rating - 9/4/2021
I've lived in the city for 5 years (until 2007). In my opinion, Tyler is awfully boring unless you are an outdoor person. Tyler offers few cultural possibilities, and it is a sleepy isolated dark town at night. Unless you love going to Wal Mart, malls, car dealers, chain restaurants, and staying at home in the evenings watching TV, please disregard the previous sentence. Not a walkable city, Tyler is planned for vehicles, not for people. Unless you consider driving more important than walking, please overlook the previous sentence. In Tyler there are too many churches setting up the city's rhythm. Unless you are the classic churchgoer, please discard the previous sentence as heretic. 90% of Tyler residents are divided into five different groups -even though they share a common denominator-. 1) Wealthy white people, 2) White trash and red necks, 3) Poor black people, 4) Poor Hispanics, and 5) Retirees unable to afford a more amusing retirement. Common denominator? They are churchgoers. Unless you belong to any of these groups, please consider the previous sentence a fallacy. Drugs are a stoic problem in Tyler. Unless you live in denial or you do drugs, please ignore the previous sentence. The education offered by Tyler ISD is a catastrophe; kids from the poorest neighborhoods are given with very limited opportunities to break the chain of poverty. Unless you do not care about poor kids, please “disread “the previous sentence.
Jesus | Plano, TX
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