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Castro Valley Needs to Incorporate
Star Rating - 3/10/2013
Castro Valley is the largest unincorporated "city" in the Bay Area. Over the years, several attempts have been made to incorporate, but they have all been defeated at the polls. With no local governance or police force, Castro Valley has become a chaotic backwater. The closest thing to a major is the County Supervisor, who is responsible for an area 10 times the size of Castro Valley. Since we don't have a police force, we rely on the county sheriff and CHP. Again, since these are county and state-wide agency, their interest in Castro Valley is muted.

Also because of lack of local governance, zoning laws--such as they are-are ignored or rubber stamped. This has turned the area into a hodge podge of old chicken farms turned into mini-developments and a main street that has no relevant businesses.

This was all charming 30 years ago when 20,000 people lived here. With 60,000 it is ridiculous.
Curmudgeon | Castro Valley, CA
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