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Modoc Co. Climate
Star Rating - 3/11/2008
Modoc County has all four seasons. It has a mild summer, cool fall, snowy winters and a typical spring. Generally our winters are mild some years we have a little more or a little less snow. There is a ski hill on Cedar Pass in the Warner Mountains. Modoc has an abundance of lakes, ponds and reserviors to fish in. Hunting is common of the area. Hiking and biking are also very popular.
Bp | Alturas, CA
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Love where we live, #lovelivemodoc !
Sandy | Cedarville, CA | Report Abuse
- 7/13/2020
Crime seems unreasonably high for this area. Shame. Guess there is no place void of Califo...
Dean | Huntington Beach, CA | No Replies

- 7/5/2020
A jewel beside the wild mountains.
I visited there years ago and camped at Blue Lake in the Warner Mts. This is America as it...
norman | Menifee, CA | No Replies

- 10/1/2011
I am considering buying an acreage north of Alturas, could anyone tell me what the water t...
jeff | North Platte, NE | 2 Replies

- 7/24/2009
Four Seasons
Growing up in one of California's busiest cities and then moving to a small town like Altu...
Albert | Alturas, CA | 1 Reply

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