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Don't Come Here
Star Rating - 5/17/2016
I've lived here for quite some time now. The weather is beautiful. They have a nice aquatic center but you must live within the city limits for it to be affordable. I live in the city of new port richey but outside the city limits. The beaches here are few and they're dirty. I've read some of the other comments on here and i can honestly admit they are not far off. It is not a place you should call home. If you do not drive you are up a creek without a paddle. The public transportation is horrible and it will probably take decades for the county to update it... if they update it at all, ever. I feel sorry for the people that must work at night and have to walk miles and miles just to get home. The government is corrupt... no doubt about that. If you want to move to the bay area for Christ's sake don't come here. This place will chew you up, spit you back out and chew you up again and again. The majority of the residents here are stuck here. This place Will suck you down deep into it's bowels and hold you tight forever. Drugs are bad here. I can understand though why so many of the counties residents turn to them. There's no jobs. The government here will stick it to you so hard for the simplest of things. Once your in their system it will take an arm, a leg, and your first born to get out of it. A simple ticket can turn into month's of jail time and your life's savings. You do not want to start a family here. The school system here does not get enough funding and the children pay the price. The divorce rate is high because the quality of life here is horrible. They'll take your kids and shove them in foster care to make a buck because that is where the county makes the most money. Adopting your precious children out. That and court costs, probation fees, etc. The county gets no tourism so they have to make the money somehow. This is no lie! So if you love your children and plan on living a good life don't come here. It'll be the worst decision you've ever made. You'll wind up stuck here struggling to survive like everyone else.
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Joe, you are so correct you must be living in my head.. I moved up to NPR in 2012 from Bradenton & what a culture shock & shame on me for not doing more research.. First thing was the veterinarian that treated my dog & I thought I had researched him well shame on me again he killed my dog within 6 months of living here.. You're correct though this place sucks you in especially the apartment communities that think this place is upper Manhattan.. Finally at this point my mind is together & my health is a little better no thanks to the doctors here which are **terrible** and I'm ready to pack & go.. I had a house up in Ocala that I had sold in 2006 & my plan is to move back to Marion County where it's easier to get around & breathe in the good weather & be able to associate with the human folk..
Patricia | New Port Richey, FL
- 9/27/2019
Not a place you’d want to live
I lived in a neighboring area for years. NPR is known for being the dumpy area. Very dirty...
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Great place to live
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New Port Richey along US19 Elfers/Holidy
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- 8/15/2012
Horrible place to live
I moved here about six years ago and it was the worst decision of my life. Im just now sta...
Mary | New Port Richey, FL | No Replies

- 1/2/2012
living in New Port Richey and surrounding area inc
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steve | Holiday, FL | 2 Replies

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