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Review of Cheyenne, Wyoming

Two Stars - Wyoming would get more, just not here
Star Rating - 1/22/2018
When I could not find affordable housing in Ft Collins/ Loveland, CO, I went on up to Cheyenne, WY and found some affordable housing.

It was also housing run by a lady who later did some odd (and I do mean, odd) things to me! Scary - really.

There is a lot of good about the city. Its historic, beautiful really - Art is encouraged (and music). That part was really good for me.

But if you study its history, it was also full of scoundrels. Well, it has many good people - but its still full of scoundrels too.

However, if you are there, I don't know if the re-vamping of the Capitol building is complete or not, but it was one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings I ever saw!

Do not trust medical - not unless its greatly improved since I was there in 2015. It got me in trouble, and I was appalled - I also saw horrible treatment of others (but it may have improved. When I lived there in 2015, everybody would not trust medical there and went to Ft Collins. Somebody told me some Ft Collins folks now took it over - so it may have improved - I don't know).

I never really settled in, but it was beautiful and that helped. Art and music were so encouraged too, and that's a big deal for me!

So its not all bad. It certainly had some good points. But I personally will not live there again - I might live in WY again - just not there.

Brenda | Wichita, KS
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