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Looks can be very decieving, move here with extrem
Star Rating - 9/11/2015
Castle Rock was a cute semi nice White small town with nothing to do when I moved here in 1998 at 17. Now it is basically a suburb with tons of illegal immigrants and snobs galore, it's overpriced and traffic is hell. The town only cares about making money, and it will be built up and connected to Parker in less than 5 years. The cops go out of their way to give out tickets and harass you (Castle Rock will, Douglas County not AS bad) no warnings like normal towns. If you have kids they will complain there is nothing to do, and by 14 they will be having sex and doing drugs and drinking because there IS basically nothing to do here. Save some money and just move to a nice part of connected suburban Denver, you'll have the same views.
Jennifer | Castle Rock, CO
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I've been here since 1986 and while this city-town has had phenomenal growth, the crime rate remains very low. I feel perfectly safe walking about early mornings or in the evenings. I've never ever had any problems with the police - as a matter of fact, they've been incredibly helpful for issues I've had. It's now 2018 and we aren't anywhere near connected to Parker. As far as snobs go, when I'm out walking the vast majority of people smile, nod, and say hi as we go by. There are many things for children and young adults to do, you just have to guide them into whatever they're interested in. The major drawback to living here is the cost of housing, both purchase and rental. It's sky-high. Otherwise, in the 30+ years I've lived here, it's been my home and I love it.
Karen | Castle Rock, CO

This hasn't been my experience at all. Most of the teenagers I encounter are very active with healthy activities such as biking the miles of trails, swimming at the many pools, or enjoying a lunch with friends on one of the many outdoor patios. Just as with any town in the world, parental involvement is what keeps teenagers from engaging in high risk activities. The people are as friendly as anywhere that I've lived (3 Midwest metro areas) and although I have a "spirited" driving style, the police have seemed focused on the very bad offenders and I have never felt harassed.
Ben | Castle Rock, CO
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