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Agree 100%, it is so sad what has happened to this lovely place. Living in Del Mar now, so much happier! The weather is gorgeous, people are so much friendlier, real estate is (a bit) less expensive, and so many fun things to do, not same old-same old. Traffic is no worse than Milpas - Montecito during rush hour. Take the Coaster downtown! Fire and mudslide danger far lower. PS to Lance: What is Orland, CA? Are there any GED classes there?
MC | San Diego, CA

Yes Sally Santa Barbara ads all of its residents will surely shed tears when you and your negativity leave the beautiful, healthy, vivacious and wonderful grounds that so many, including me called home for so many years and please don't forget to write once toy find yourself In your new wonderful home state of Florida. Good luck and Good riddance
Lance | Orland, CA
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