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The Reviews of 18109 Allentown, PA are overwhelmingly positive. This city is home to many unique attractions and activities that draw people from around the country to experience it. From the renowned Allentown Art Museum to the vibrant downtown restaurants and shopping, there's something for everyone in this city. Families appreciate its numerous parks and historical sites, while young adults are drawn by its lively nightlife. The Lehigh Valley Zoo is a popular attraction with its diverse animal exhibits and educational programming. Above all, 18109 Allentown, PA is known for its friendly people and community spirit. Residents often share stories of neighborly kindness and feel connected to one another through shared experiences like volunteering at charity events or attending festivals together. People who have visited 18109 Allentown have nothing but good things to say about their experience in this special town!

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Ok city - 4/5/2018
The city of Allentown is a rising city much thanks to our former mayor despite his indiscretions he actually brought this city back I have been living here over 50 years and I've seen a lot changes in the city this city used to be called the little apple because it was so Vivarin another nice thing about the city and surrounding area is that we have four seasons spring summer winter fall average temperature during the summer is 80s average temperature during spring is 60s to average temperature for winter fluctuates between low of 10 degrees and I high of 30 fall time we average upper sixties to low of Read More

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