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The education in 18109 Allentown, PA is well rated overall, with many local schools offering a high quality of education. There are a range of options for students to choose from, both public and private schools. Many of the local schools offer an outstanding learning environment for their students, with dedicated teachers and staff that strive to help each student reach their full potential academically. The schools are also highly rated when it comes to safety and security, allowing parents to feel confident that their children will be looked after while at school. Additionally, the local area provides ample learning opportunities outside of the classroom with various museums and cultural events that allow students to further broaden their knowledge base. All in all, 18109 Allentown, PA offers excellent education options for its residents.

Allentown (zip 18109) schools spend $16,224 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 17 pupils per teacher, 580 students per librarian, and 343 children per counselor.

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Over 6 years ago

The city of Allentown is a rising city much thanks to our former mayor despite his indiscretions he actually brought this city back I have been living here over 50 years  More

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