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Economy - 1/24/2016
Philadelphia and her suburban townships surely need your prayers; Please pray for The People of "The City of BROTHERLY LOVE" for of a truth, brotherly love may be wanting here having been compromised by the poor state of her economic affairs.

Ordinary persons have no understanding of brotherly love when they are unemployed and are financially struggling. The economy of The City does not have much to boast about for real.

TOURISM locally or across the border has waned, even public school teachers were retrenched,an unfortunate widespread of drug-addiction and black market opioid sales has blighted many neighborhoods over several years. Small businesses are reeling ubder a yoke of very high operations costs and poor ROIs

Are you still wondering why we need A CALL for PRAYERS..... Well may be when your dog or cat speaks out in words you will get the seriousness of the matter then! Read More

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GO GREEN OR BE SAFE? - 10/15/2009
I am 100% with going as green as possible,...but I really feel strongly
about streets so dark that to walk safely, you need a flashlight!!There are
quite a few very big and bushy trees along most of the streets we walk on,
but,none of them obscures any streetlights. Mainly because the lights on the poles are so few and far between,that none of the trees leaves come near them.There is the occassional house with their house light on, but being a
quiet neighborhood, with lots of hard-working residents,there aren't too many
porch lights left on after 7 or 8 pm. My husband and I walk our two dogs
usually between 7:30 & 8:00 pm,...this is because they are still being trained, and meeting other doggies usually ends the lesson before we get a chance to even get started! So, about 8 mos.ago, my husband came up with the idea to wait until most of the rest of the neighborhood pups have been out,
and then our 2 monsters won't be distracted! They are 2 Read More

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