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United States / Vermont / Berlin Metro Area / Essex County / No City / Lunenburg (zip 05906)
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The small town of Lunenburg, VT is known for its beauty and quaint atmosphere. With a population of just over 1,000 people, it maintains its charm as a rural countryside village. There are plenty of activities to do in the area, including fishing, swimming and boating at Lake Memphremagog, as well as excellent skiing options in winter. But there's more than that - the small town also boasts some great restaurants and pubs. The friendly locals make this an ideal place to visit on vacation or for a weekend getaway.
Reviews of 05906 Lunenburg, VT speak highly of the town’s atmosphere and attractions. Many visitors comment on its peaceful setting and natural beauty, while others praise the variety of outdoor activities available in the area. Most reviews indicate that Lunenburg is an affordable place to stay with plenty of things to do. Whether you want to explore the local history or spend time outdoors enjoying nature, Lunenburg has something for everyone!

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revln2 - 12/29/2006
Great rural community with minor limits to shopping. However, Litteton, NH is approx 15 miles away, Lancaster, NH approx 16 miles away and St Johnsbury, VT about 20 miles away service the area with most everything a rural resident SHOULD need-NO MALLS just local shops and a few chains (Walmart, McD, BKing, Subway, PHut, KFC, 99's, Applebees, Shaws, Price Chopper, Home Depot, and just built Lowes). Given the median income of the area, most couldn't survive without Walmart (what community can't say that!). But lead by Shaws (lack of competition and transport costs, I'm sure), the chains seem to have adjusted price schedules. Most of these places are located in Littelton, NH where they have chosen to become the regional shopping/dining area. Good news for us rural folks though, where a scenic ride gets us in and out without having to live amongst it all. To the contrary, there are few locally owned diners, shops and hardware stores to remind us that rual living is still comfortable Read More

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