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2023 Compare Cities Job Market:
Casper, WY vs Cheyenne, WY

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- Job Growth in Cheyenne has been positive.
- Cheyenne has 2.5% more unemployment than Casper.
- Cheyenne job growth has increased by 12.5% in the past 10 years.

Job Market
 Casper, WYCheyenne, WYUnited States
 Current Unemployment7.6%5.1%6.0%
 Future Job Growth4.0%18.4%33.5%
 Recent Job Growth-3.2%0.5%-6.2%
 3 Yr. Job Growth-0.8%2.7%-3.6%
 5 Yr. Job Growth-8.2%3.0%-0.7%
 10 Yr. Job Growth1.1%12.5%6.3%

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Reviews for Casper    36 Reviews
Where wander meets wonder - 11/3/2021
Wyoming is an interesting place. From vast mountains that pulls you towards them to flat plains as far as the eye can see. The people are same as every where else other... Read More

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Just don't - 9/19/2021
I've lived here 3 mo..... this place is run my retired Republicans that have nothing better to do then mess up other people's day. The town is very poorly taken care... Read More

Ehhh - 12/26/2020
I lived here for one year (78-79). Saw a lot of cold weather and snow. Most cars had sprung doors from severe winds taking them out of their owners hands. Might have... Read More

Reviews for Cheyenne    59 Reviews
Great place to live and visit - 6/18/2021
The center of Cheyenne retains the character of America with traditional western values. Easy and we'll maintained walking to parks and downtown restaurants/bars/shops... Read More

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A great place if you can stand the winter wind - 2/24/2021
My husband, dogs, and I have lived in Cheyenne for almost two years. The pros: Cheyenne is a really nice place, especially if you have kids or dogs. The weather... Read More

Cold place to live. - 12/15/2020
I've lived in Cheyenne for almost 52 years. Most things here are just right. Housing, on the other hand, is ridiculously high. Thereb isn't any decent public housing to... Read More

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