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2022 Compare Cities Cost of Living:
Chicago, IL vs Carbondale, IL

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Carbondale is 25.0% less expensive than Chicago.
Carbondale housing costs are 46.9% less expensive than Chicago housing costs.
Health related expenses are 30.0% more in Carbondale.

 Chicago, ILCarbondale, ILUnited States
 Food & Groceries97.295.0100
 Median Home Cost$229,100$121,600$231,200

100 = National Average (Below 100 means cheaper than the US average. Above 100 means more expensive.)

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Reviews for Chicago    266 Reviews
Great City! - 11/20/2021
Love it! From the cultural diversity to all the amenities to all the tourist attractions and beautiful architecture Chicago is definetly the jewel of the... Read More

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It's good i guess - 7/21/2021
I was born and raised here until i was 4 1/2. there are also nice places to see also I'm very confused why are people giving bad ratings of my birth... Read More

At your own risk - 3/17/2021
Lived here for five years, right downtown for three, and two at the end of the Brown train line, a close suburb known as Ravenswood, commuting in to the city for work.... Read More

Reviews for Carbondale    7 Reviews
Grew up Here, Went to College Here, Have a Career - 11/30/2016
I've lived in C'dale for over 30 years. I got an excellent education here - Giant City School was great, though fairly insular and not very diverse (among its drawbacks... Read More

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The Dale - 7/15/2008
I like Carbondale. It is relaxing and an easy way to go about getting a college degree. It has its ups and downs, mainly with the people in the town not recognizing the... Read More

Disagree with the other opinions - 2/29/2008
All of the comments are negative here and seem to me to be misleading. The idea that you have to have a lot of money in Carbondale is ridiculous. The price of cultural... Read More

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