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Compton, CA vs Beverly Hills, CA

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- Beverly Hills spends 0.0% less per student than Compton.
- The Student Teacher Ratio is 0.0% lower in Beverly Hills than in Compton. (lower means fewer students in each classroom).
- Beverly Hills had 49.9% more residents who had graduated High School compared to Compton

 Compton, CABeverly Hills, CAUnited States
 Expend. per Student$17,429$17,429$15,905
 Educ. Expend. per Student$14,374$14,374$13,142
 Instr. Expend. per Student$8,492$8,492$7,999
 Pupil/Teacher Ratio21.8621.8616.23
 Students per Librarian656565654573
 Students per Counselor380380530
 Grade School Educ.22.4%2.0%4.8%
 Some High School Educ.13.8%2.3%6.3%
 High School Educ.63.8%95.6%88.9%
 Some College Educ.19.7%14.7%20.0%
 2 yr College Grad.5.1%5.4%8.7%
 4 yr College Grad.9.5%64.2%33.7%
 Masters Grad.2.0%13.9%9.3%
 Professional Degree0.4%11.6%2.2%
 Doctorate Degree0.2%3.7%1.5%

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Reviews for Compton    6 Reviews

I visit Compton each Summer. This is one of the most welcoming and spectacular cities to work. live and raise a family in. The educational system is superior to most,  More

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Over 9 years ago

looking for a good neighborhood to live in  More

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What was the last writer thinking! Must have been locked up too long, or hasn't been around much. Probably lived in Compton or LA County his whole life. Compton is  More

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Reviews for Beverly Hills    8 Reviews

We registered our daughter at this high school after considering Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, Ca.. We are very happy with the fine education she received at  More

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Over 12 years ago

The name and reputation speaks for itself, if you have to ask, you can't afford  More

   |    Reply

Over 12 years ago

Bad  More

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