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Pocatello, ID vs Rocklin, CA

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Reviews for Pocatello  

  17 Reviews (Click Here to see all reviews on Pocatello)
Looking For Info About Pocatello - 3/21/2018
I don't have a review. I actually have some questions. I read about the low cost of living in Pocatello. I am on disability and have an income of 952.00 a month. Is... Read More

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Not bad, but not great - 4/26/2017
Okay, I'm laughing at the people who posted there being a lot of diversity here in Pocatello because they may not have lived any place else except a really small town or... Read More

Pocatello - 1/9/2015
Pocatello is a great City to live in crime is low..people tend to be nice and there's not a lot of car traffic. the Bridge Restaurant and Lounge is a great place to... Read More

Reviews for Rocklin  

  11 Reviews (Click Here to see all reviews on Rocklin)
Great place to live - 7/25/2019
I've lived in the Sacramento vicinity for 12 years, and in Northern California my entire life (I grew up in the San Jose area). The area of Rocklin I am living in is the... Read More

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Rocklin, is not all that - 3/4/2011
seriously? Let me tell you what I have observed since moving here from Gilbert, AZ 3 months ago.I know I am going to take grief for this so go ahead and let it fly,... Read More

Suburbia at its finest (or worst) - 10/5/2010
Pros: Clean, lots of shopping nearby, close to Sierra Nevada mountains, safe. Cons: Lots of traffic on side streets all day long, many long red lights, lots of U-turns... Read More

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