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2024 Compare Cities Commuting:
Seattle, WA vs Chicago, IL

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- The average commute for residents of Chicago is 6.6% longer than it is for residents of Seattle.
- 42.5% fewer residents of Chicago work from home compared to residents of Seattle.

 Seattle, WAChicago, ILUnited States
 Commute Time283427
 Commute Mode
 Seattle, WAChicago, ILUnited States
 Auto (alone)40.5%47.4%73.2%
 Mass Transit17.8%23.4%4.2%
 Work at Home21.4%12.3%9.7%
 Commute Time To Work
 Seattle, WAChicago, ILUnited States
 Commute Less Than 5 min.1.7%1.1%2.9%
 Commute 6 to 9 min.5.6%3.6%9.5%
 Commute 10 to 14 min.9.8%6.6%13.2%
 Commute 15 to 19 min.14.2%9.7%15.2%
 Commute 20 to 24 min.16.0%12.0%14.3%
 Commute 25 to 29 min.8.1%6.4%6.7%
 Commute 30 to 34 min.17.7%19.4%13.7%
 Commute 35 to 39 min.4.0%4.3%3.1%
 Commute 40 to 44 min.5.9%6.7%4.0%
 Commute 45 to 59 min.10.6%15.1%8.2%
 Commute 60 to 89 min.5.0%11.9%6.2%
 Commute greater than 90 min.1.5%3.1%2.9%

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Reviews for Seattle    321 Reviews

I have lived here since 1975, I moved here from California but was born and raised in Michigan. I would have to say that I never regretted leaving Michigan and their  More

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Over 2 years ago

I’ve lived in Seattle for just under 7 years and while it can be a stunningly beautiful place, I am very excited to leave. I’ll start with some of the positive aspects.  More

   |    Reply

if you can afford it, Seattle is a very nice place to live and raise a family! however, it is extremely expensive and in the winter, it's rather gloomy. i love gloomy  More

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Reviews for Chicago    271 Reviews

I've lived in Chicago city and later moved to suburbs when family size increased. Absolutely love this city. This is the cleanest and most beautiful among the major  More

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Chicago is probably the best value in a major city that you can find and my personal favorite city. It will become increasingly important as climate change makes the  More

   |    Reply

I've live on north side and south side, UIC medical center. Don't move here go to the north side. No good amenities, if you get bored with one there is no other choices.  More

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