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2024 Compare Cities Economy:
Seattle, WA vs Las Vegas, NV

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- Household income in Las Vegas, is 42% less than it is in Seattle and is 12% below the National Average.
- Seattle unemployment rate is 4.8%.
- Las Vegas unemployment rate is 8.9%.

 Seattle, WALas Vegas, NVUnited States
 Unemployment Rate4.8%8.9%6.0%
 Recent Job Growth2.6%3.5%1.6%
 Future Job Growth43.8%39.0%33.5%
 Sales Taxes10.1%8.3%6.2%
 Income Taxes0.0%0.0%4.6%
 Income per Cap.$68,836$33,363$37,638
 Household Income$105,391$61,356$69,021
 Family Median Income$150,212$75,480$85,028
 Est. Households By Income
 Seattle, WALas Vegas, NVUnited States
 Income Less Than 15K7.8%11.6%9.4%
 Income between 15K and 20K2.4%3.9%3.8%
 Income between 20K and 30K4.4%8.5%8.1%
 Income between 30K and 40K4.9%9.0%8.0%
 Income between 40K and 50K5.0%8.3%7.6%
 Income between 50K and 60K5.7%7.8%7.2%
 Income between 60K and 75K7.2%9.5%9.6%
 Income between 75K and 100K10.6%13.1%12.8%
 Income between 100K and 150K17.9%15.2%16.3%
 Income between 150K and 200K11.5%6.4%7.8%
 Income greater than 200K22.7%6.6%9.5%
 Population By Occupation
 Seattle, WALas Vegas, NVUnited States
 Management, business, finance23.7%13.2%16.4%
 Engineering, computers, science18.4%3.7%6.5%
 Community, social services2.2%1.1%1.8%
 Education, library6.2%4.8%6.2%
 Arts, design, media, sports, entertainment4.6%2.0%2.0%
 Healthcare practitioners and technology6.4%5.2%6.2%
 Healthcare support1.9%2.3%3.3%
 Firefighters, law enforcement0.9%3.3%2.1%
 Food preparation, serving5.5%9.7%5.4%
 Building maintenance1.5%6.1%3.6%
 Personal care2.6%4.4%2.6%
 Sales, office, administrative support15.4%22.9%20.9%
 Farming, fishing, forestry0.1%0.2%0.6%
 Construction, extraction, maintenance/repair2.9%8.9%8.1%
 Production, transportation, material moving5.4%10.8%13.1%

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I have lived here since 1975, I moved here from California but was born and raised in Michigan. I would have to say that I never regretted leaving Michigan and their  More

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Over 2 years ago

I’ve lived in Seattle for just under 7 years and while it can be a stunningly beautiful place, I am very excited to leave. I’ll start with some of the positive aspects.  More

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if you can afford it, Seattle is a very nice place to live and raise a family! however, it is extremely expensive and in the winter, it's rather gloomy. i love gloomy  More

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Reviews for Las Vegas    346 Reviews

Shows the worst of American behavior and values. Right up there with New Orleans. But there is a bright side. Liberals flock there. Please  More

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I went to Vegas to visit, and didn’t want to leave. Vegas had something for everyone, from the down and out, to the well to do, and everybody gets alone, because nobody  More

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Everything is available here from filipino cuisines to japanese shops to Winco's to themed cafes. However, the city is a little high in crime. Any side of the east side  More

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