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2021 Compare Cities Housing:
Seattle, WA vs San Francisco, CA

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- The median age of a home in Seattle is 41.5% younger than the median age of a home in San Francisco.

 Seattle, WASan Francisco, CAUnited States
 Avg Rent For Home Or Apartment
 Seattle, WASan Francisco, CAUnited States
 Vacant Housing
 Seattle, WASan Francisco, CAUnited States
 Owner-Occupied Housing Value
 Seattle, WASan Francisco, CAUnited States
 Housing Units By Year Built
 Seattle, WASan Francisco, CAUnited States

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Reviews for Seattle    301 Reviews
Run as fast as you can - 11/13/2020
Seattle is a close second to Chicago! Run into the ground by the socialist Democratic Party. Seattle has become the home of the drug addicts, homeless encampment and... Read More

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Not safe any more - 11/2/2020
Seattle has been a beautiful city for many years. Besides having a great mild climate, there are many things we used to love doing there. Some of the best companies are... Read More

Seattle Now: The Lab Created Emerald City - 9/27/2020
Seattle used to offer something for everyone be it tech professionals; blue, pink and white collar workers, artsy types, social outcasts, homeless runaways seeking... Read More

Reviews for San Francisco    146 Reviews
No. - 7/12/2020
I was born and raised in San Francisco and have nothing but fond memories from my childhood there. My family moved from there to Pacifica in 1964.To see San Francisco... Read More

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Amazing City - 5/27/2020
There are no words for how amazing San Francisco is. It is a beautiful city indeed. The only problem I have had there is I didn't stay long enough! There are many places... Read More

Oh, how far the city has fallen. - 5/19/2020
It's shocking to see how this city has become a rotten, stinking, ruined shell of what it once was. It's now populated by wealthy people who only care about themselves,... Read More

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