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San Diego cost of living score
More expensive
54.9% higher
than the US average
3.3% higher
than the California average
San Diego, California gets a BestPlaces Cost of Living score of 154.9, which means the total cost of housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities is 54.9% higher than the U.S. average and 3.3% lower than the average for California.

San Diego, CA

Housing costs in San Diego?
A typical home costs $833,500, which is 146.5% more expensive than the national average of $338,100 and 13.6% more expensive than the average California home, at $733,500. Renting a two-bedroom unit in San Diego costs $2,680 per month, which is 87.4% more than the national average of $1,430 and 19.8% more than the state average of $2,150.

Can I afford San Diego?
To live comfortably in San Diego, California, a minimum annual income of $159,840 for a family, and $84,000 for a single person is recommended.

What does A.I. say about San Diego?
San Diego, California has become one of the top destinations for both tourists and newcomers alike. Its stunning beaches attract thousands every year to enjoy its beautiful weather and vibrant culture. While San Diego may come with a higher cost of living than other parts of California or the rest of the United States, it's still possible to find great deals on rent and other expenses if you know where to look. As long as you're willing to take some time and shop around, you can find yourself living comfortably in America's Finest City without breaking your budget.
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I have lived in San Diego for more than half my life (I am 30) and love it. It has something for everyone and more from arts, to sporting events, and all cuisine is  More

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The only real knock again San Diego is the cost of living, but it is paradise compared to most cities of similar size. Those who complain about the traffic here or say  More

   |    Reply

I have lived in San Diego since 1968 and I am now almost 62 years old. I love San Diego, I really do. But it has become so crowded and so expensive over the years. It  More

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