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San Diego, CA is a vibrant city and a popular destination for tourists from around the world. Located on the Pacific coast, San Diego enjoys great weather and stunning beaches. The city is known for its wide array of activities, attractions, and entertainment options to suit all visitors’ needs as well as some of the best restaurants in the state. Visitors will find plenty to do in San Diego, such as exploring Balboa Park, visiting Seaport Village or enjoying the nightlife of the Gaslamp Quarter. Reviews of San Diego are generally positive; visitors often rave about its perfect weather and beaches along with its unique attractions like Sea World or LEGOLAND. With so much to do in San Diego it's no wonder people keep returning again and again!

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Can you afford to live here? - 2/1/2024
I have lived in San Diego for more than half my life (I am 30) and love it. It has something for everyone and more from arts, to sporting events, and all cuisine is well represented. It is very vibrant socially and love doing the races here like the San Diego rock n roll marathon amongst other things and enjoy the social life here.
Obviously the cost of living is astronomical and owning a home is very difficult for most people. The only other downside is the usual California issues like taxes, crime, and homelessness but those issues here are nowhere near LA and SF Read More

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America's finest city? If not, pretty darn close. - 7/10/2022
The only real knock again San Diego is the cost of living, but it is paradise compared to most cities of similar size. Those who complain about the traffic here or say it's getting too crowded, need to travel north to Los Angeles or to other cities like Dallas, Chicago or even Denver to realize life is pretty simple and easy here. Sure we have traffic, but it's at rush hour like most cities and then pretty much clear the rest of the day. The thing I like most about San Diego is the attitude of it's citizens. They are happy to be here, and they should be, because it's really a nice city to live in. (Been here for 25 years) America's Finest Read More

Beautiful Place, Too Crowded and Expensive. - 7/1/2022
I have lived in San Diego since 1968 and I am now almost 62 years old. I love San Diego, I really do. But it has become so crowded and so expensive over the years. It is, for the most part, a beautiful city. There are some bad areas, but that is the case any where, and I avoid those areas. Perfect weather, great night life, and a rich cultural scene, close to both Mexico and Los Angeles, as well as mountains and the desert; it really has a lot going for it. But unless you make a great living and don't mind crowds, it might not be for you. I am planning on moving out of state in the next several years and I am really going to miss San Diego, but I can't afford to purchase a home here. My parent's purchased the house I grew up in back in 1972 for $35,000. Today, that same 54 year old house (built in 1968) is valued at over $800,000, and that is with no improvements to speak of. Ridiculous. And rents here are no better. A one bedroom apartment built in the 60's will set you back around Read More

Good but unlivable - 12/27/2021
Visited San Diego a few times and loved everything about it.

Everything I hate about LA is absent in San Diego. The traffic, the 60k homeless population, the desertous feel, the stressful pace of life… Quality of like seemed much better there.

That being said, SD is unlivable unless you're making six figures.
Read More

my how things change! - 9/30/2021
I originally lived in SD from April 2014 to November 2016, moved from Denver. For what I paid in mortgage payments in Denver I was able to afford a tiny studio downtown in Cortez Hill, in a complex that looked like it used to be an old hotel that they transformed into apartments. During that time it was super fun, in a sketchy kind of way. I made friends easily by joining sports leagues, gyms, and social events. Most of it revolved heavily around alcohol, and later legal/illegal narcotics. There was a big cocaine problem in the young adult social scene. Lots of my friends would party for entire weekends with no sleep. Even so, I did many fun events and moved to Golden Hill where I rented a Studio apt built in 1910 for $950 per month. Again, very novel! Cheap rent, close beaches, cool bars, people to hang out with, and lots of young attractive women everywhere! I just moved back here a month ago to see if I could pick up from where I left off and man is it disappointing. The $950 Read More

Get three jobs and tell your social life good bye - 8/22/2021
Lived in different SD suburbs for 20 years. Every positive thing about SD is true, BUT, the high cost of living makes me move away. As a single income houshold, behold if you have kids, living here is unaffordable. Here in Escondido, 30mi from down town, 1br apartments are going for $2k and 3br for $3,5k. And believe it, people pay it. Why. Because there is not much else out there. You might get a getto apartment 1br for $1,4k, but then you better carry a gun (oops, not allowed in Cali).
I love it here, and don't like to leave, but I don't have a choice. Many people have 3 jobs to get by. Social life? You won't have a social life because you will be working for your apartment.
If you are rich, San Diego is your paradise if you like warm weather.
Single average salaries are not cutting Read More

Stick with Los Angeles - 8/8/2021
I grew up in San Diego & moved back here in 2004 after an 11-year absence. I had a successful career as an engineer here. The weather certainly beats that of Seattle, but I tend to believe there was a high price for it. I don't mean real estate. Culturally, San Diego is a provincial place full of small-minded people. You'll be lucky to find conversation on any but the most trivial topics. Nor do we compensate for that with much friendliness.

If you enjoy southern California, you are better off with Los Angeles, where, at least, people are trying to do something big with their lives (actresses, directors, screenwriters). The night life in L.A. is also livelier & more permissive. Or stick with some welcoming place like Texas, where you can talk to a stranger in a grocery store without getting a frown Read More

Tl;dr: San Diegans don’t seem to know how to smile - 8/6/2021
I lived in San Diego in 2016. I left ASAP, and haven’t looked back (by choice, anyway). My company in L.A. still sent me back to SD on occasion for work before I moved to Texas.

Let's just say, I'm a much bigger fan of most of the rest of California, and most of the rest of the West, than I am of a self-overrated bubble of a giant city which still thinks it's a small town. Basically, own up to being a metropolis (e.g., LA/OC, SF Bay Area, Phoenix, Las Vegas), or be the best version of a smaller city you can be (e.g., Wasatch Front cities, St. George, Boise); San Diego does neither, in my view.

I'll start with the positives of SD:
- SD is a safe metropolis, even by international standards, let alone American standards - even with the homeless challenges that city is facing today. Apart from a few areas along the 805 Freeway, and some side streets in Barrio Logan and San Ysidro at night, I’ve felt as safe in SD as I do in many places in Europe (still Read More

July, Aug. and September if you want beach weather - 7/19/2021
I have lived here on and off for many years. I have enjoyed living in other cities much better. San Diego is ok, and the weather yes is moderate. The ocean is cold and the city is very dirty lots of trash and many many homeless that are very aggressive. Downtown is just bars and urine. Not a real city, the suburbs are clean and neat and safe. I think if you are just wanting to check out Ca. great ! But I am excited to move out of here again. And yes it can be affordable depends what part of SD you decide to live and with a dual income not a big deal. Also if you are willing to pay the highest taxes for well, nothing.  Read More

San Diego, the America's Finest City - 6/17/2021
San Diego, CA (the SoCal area) is undoubtedly the "America's Finest City."
I've lived in the city since 1979, worked and retired in the Navy and the federal government (FAA). I own a very nice home in a safe well-planned community. I've also live in SF Bay area and my aerospace job moved me to the Boeing-Pacific Northwest (Seattle) for several years in cold, rainy and smoky environment from seasonal fires and now with my DoD job at the nation’s capital (DC/VA/MD), with its great museums and long walks. All are nice cities to live and plenty of things to do but nothing like San Diego with its nice year-round weather, nice beaches (relaxing on a beach resort environment on weekends), very good healthcare, very nice multi-lane freeways, very good burritos, great local winery and craft beer, great for boating/fishing at Baja Isla del Coronado, Mexico during Spring to Autumn (for tuna, y. tail, bonito, rockfish and lobsters). I have it all living in finest San Diego. Nothing like it Read More

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