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Tennessee State has a higher rate of both violent and property crime than the US average. Violent crime in Tennessee is 34.3, which is over 10 points higher than the US average of 22.7. Property crime in Tennessee is 42.8, which is 7.4 points higher than the US average of 35.4. This means that residents of Tennessee are more likely to experience violent or property crimes than those living elsewhere in the US on average. It's important for people living in Tennessee to be aware of this and take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their property from criminal activity.

Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime)

Tennessee violent crime is 34.3. (The US average is 22.7)
Tennessee property crime is 42.8. (The US average is 35.4)

 Violent Crimes  - Murder  Rape  Robbery  Assault
 Property Crimes  - Burglary  Larceny  Auto Theft
Woodbury, TN Crime History
*Closest City
Year Violent Murder Rape Robbery Assault Property Burglary Larceny Auto

   Crime in Nearby Cities
City Violent
per 100k
per 100k
Pop. Miles Data
Woodbury, TN521.21,007.62,69412019
Smithville, TN435.02,444.14,717182019
Alexandria, TN397.6397.6981182019
Murfreesboro, TN418.72,897.370,122182019
Watertown, TN65.8855.81,524192019
McMinnville, TN949.23,490.113,113202019
   Crime in Similar Size Cities
City Violent
per 100k
per 100k
Pop. Miles Data
Nashville, TN1073.14,041.1564,169462019
Louisville, KY686.93,891.5677,7101642019
Louisville, KY1,346.410,044.0257,7391642003
Atlanta, GA768.84,654.4430,0661712018
Memphis, TN1,901.46,128.4669,2642242019
Indianapolis, IN1,272.84,129.2759,0662732018

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Over 1 years ago

I was born and raised in this state but Tennessee is going downhill fast. First, you should be aware middle Tennessee is #1 in the nation for nighttime tornados.  More

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Some friends moved to Nashville and surrounding areas and love it.We enjoy visiting the area, but were trying to narrow down areas to relocate to in TN.We will be  More

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Let me start with a little bit about me. First off, I am a believer in the Lord Jesus.Second, I'm from the communist state of NJ. I live near Manhattan and I can't  More

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