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Occupation: Accounting/Auditing


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Williamsburg, VA

re: Life here - 6/26/2005
- 6/21/2014
I came here 10 years ago, and I can say that it is a town that no one should think of moving to. The police department is corrupt, as are the courts. Where else in America would a child rapist be found guilty in the morning and have his release arranged by the judge that afternoon, only to have him grab another child 2 hours later? It is a good place to raise your children, if you have money. Lots of drugs. Jobs that are available unless you work as a low paid (2.13 per hour) server or cleaning hotel rooms for minimum wage. The divide between the rich and the poor is glaring and few in the middle class. I agree with the first poster. As a white, I have seen the discrimination against any other color or cultural background.

Williamsburg, VA

Crime rate in Williamsburg - 6/21/2014
It is much higher than reported. Police cover up for the wealthy or well connected. Rapists are released from jail by the judges right after conviction. Police are corrupt.

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